BLCK Will Keep You Smiling - Drue Kinler

To be “fair”, I know we’re in the middle of the charcoal age where we are readily available to literally all things charcoal: (including but not limited to) face wash, body wash/shower gel, even shampoos, and of course…toothpaste. 

But I promise, as a fellow millennial who is obsessed with all things charcoal and detoxifying-this charcoal toothpaste is unlike any other. Pinky. 

We all have a past… and unfortunately mine started with a brand I paid fifty bucks for from Australia (I mean, it’s from Australia so has to work right? No). I saw absolutely NO results. I brushed my teeth 2x a day as usual for a month until I ran out of product and NOPE nothing. Salty is an understatement, and no, I’m not talking about the Indian Ocean to which this toothpaste traveled over. 

But BLCK….. (insert all the heart eyes)… who exactly are they and how are they different?

K so, BLCK is the company that created and curated THE most AMAZING activated charcoal toothpaste.

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