How to use?

BLCK is incredibly easy to use, fast and efficient! It only takes two minutes in the morning and at night. For best results, we recommend using for 30 days.

In three simple steps, you'll have a bright white smile that you'll be dying to show off:

Step 1: Wet your Eco-friendly Bamboo Toothbrush into BLCK powder. 

Step 2: Brush gently, in small circles (you've been doing this for years, you got this part!).

Try to keep your lips closed so you avoid a mess.  

Step 3: Rinse well and continue to brush to make sure all of the powder is rinsed out of your mouth. 

You can thank us later <3 


Note: BLCK can replace toothpaste since it not only whitens teeth but detoxifies your mouth, but if you are sticking with your typical toothpaste we recommend using after BLCK for a minty taste.