Family 5 Pack - Toothbrush

Share the love with your family! This pack of five toothbrushes lets you share the benefits of using an Eco-friendly toothbrush with your loved ones. You'll be sure to keep your whole family smiling.

Make a difference!

Our toothbrushes are anything but standard. Created with Eco-friendly bamboo and designed to fit perfectly in your hand, BLCK toothbrushes are not only well-designed but they're biodegradable. Ever think of where the plastic goes when you replace your toothbrush every month? In our landfills. This is where we can help! With the BLCK bamboo toothbrush, you simply break off the bristles and stick the handle in the ground. Eco-friendly and effective. Make a difference in our world!


  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Contoured design to fit comfortably in your hand!

We want to help people achieve a healthy and happy smile! There are communities who do not have access to every day needs such as a toothbrush to help with overall oral health. For every BLCK product sold, we donate a bamboo toothbrush to someone in need to help prevent oral disease.